Chaos of Three Kingdoms

Chaos of Three Kingdoms.upgrade your force and combat player over the world .There are resource battles, fort battles, and ally battles, Chaos of Three Kingdoms,make your different from strategy game experience.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms creates a brand new version of strategy games. This game unfolds in a splendid and grand online world and is set in one of the bloodiest periods in Chinese history. Become a hero and choose your country, recruit talents and fight along with the famous historical generals like Guang Yu and Zhang Fei. Various formations, different strategies and flag system can help you improve your fighting and also bring you a most fantastic gaming experience.

Campaign is the center of the game. You can declare wars in summer and wage wars in autumn, four days a round. You will have fun pleasures in forms of resource confrontation, fortress confrontation and alliance confrontation; also you can manage hundreds of cities and cooperate with countless generals.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms's Game features:

General system - When you defeat a general available to conquer, you can conquer him/her if you meet the requirement. In the Formations tab, you can drag the general to the formation slot directly. All unlocked slots are available for the assignment.

Battle system - Available when your Base reaches Lv 21. You can fight with other players and get gold and item rewards from the battles.

Internal system - Upgrade your buildings and your technologies, levy silver in your Base and make money in the black market.

Kingdom system - Choose the country you want to join, the rest countries are either your alliance or enemy.

Legion system - Join the legion and begin your way toward a commander. Remember to behave yourself or you will get a demotion~

Seasons system-There are four seasons in the game with different features. The seasons will change each day. Take your chance and seize the opportunity to strengthen yourself.

Blacksmith System - upgrade your weapon for upgrade your force.have chace to missing

Chaos of Three Kingdoms Cost

The iTunes Appstore offers downloads of Chaos of Three Kingdoms for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for free after instant savings. This app is a strategy game. You may also want to checkout some of these other games offered for free:

How to play Chaos of Three Kingdoms on PC

You can visit for play online without install

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